101 Airborne Museum le Mess

101 Airborne Museum le Mess
Avenue de la Gare 11
6600 Bastogne (Wallonie)

Historisch museum
The 101st Airborne museum in Bastogne is located in the former officers mess building of the Belgium Army. This prestigious building was used by the Germans during the occupation of Bastogne during WWII and after the liberation used as hospital by the red cross. This unique building with a rich history is the perfect base to gather the military history of the 101st Airborne during the Battle of the Bulge. The building is kept and restored in its old glory and is an inspiring environment filled with unique displays what brings you back to the war years. A big collection of original items of the Bulge with authentic reconstructions and very realistic mannequins makes this museum worthwhile to visit. Different scenes bring you back to life during wartime in settings during winter.

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