Topkapı Museum

Topkapı Museum
Sultanahmet, Eminönü
İstanbul (İstanbul)

Historisch museum | Kunstmuseum
Topkapı Palace is built on Byzantine acropol situated in Sarayburnu which forms the headland for the historical İstanbul peninsula; between Marmara sea, The Bosphorus and Golden Horn. The Palace is seperated from the city by Sûr-ı Sultâni at the side of land which was built by Fatih, and at the side of the sea; by city walls of Byzantine. Besides a variety of doors with different functions and sea and land doors; Bâb-ı Hümâyûn (Imperial Gate) which is situated behind Ayasofya forms the monumental door of the palace.
Topkapı Palace consists of two main departments in distinction with their being for administrative and educational places or living area of the Sultan; Bîrun which consists of the service buildings on first and second yards, and Enderûn which includes the internal organisation structures.

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