Hendrick Mommers (1622-1692)

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Wie kan mij informatie geven over de schilder Hendrick Mommers? Waar bevindt zich werk van hem en bestaat er literatuur over hem en /of zijn werk?
Re: Hendrick Mommers (1622-1692)
17 February 2002 20:47
Mommers was een Haarlemse genreschilder, die in 1647 daar gildelid werd en 20 jaar later in Amsterdam blijkt te wonen. Hij is in Italie geweest. Bijna al zijn vele werk vertoont markten, groenteventers en boeren, soms in een Nederlandse stad, soms in een Italiaans landschap. Zijn schilderijen zijn meestal vrij groot, het merendeel is op doek, maar paneel komt ook voor en een enkele op koper. Het Rijksmuseum heeft werk van hem, Boymans in Rotterdam en het Museum Schone Kunsten in Brussel. Echt bijzonder en duur is hij niet, voor tussen de 3 en de 5 duizend € kun je op de veiling al iets van hem kopen.
Ik heb een schilderij van Hendrick Mommers te koop mischien interreseerd het U
Met vriendlijke groet.

Iam looking for some information on Hendrick Mommers, is anyone able to help?

Thank you


Hendrick Mommers (1622-1692)
14 April 2006 18:23

I wonder if someone can help. I am looking for some information onthis painter. My mex beforehadthe email spelt incorrectly,

Hello Fran,

Hendrick Mommers was a Dutch painter. He was born in Haarlem and was a so called " Italianisant," which means he (and many other painters from Holland, Germany, France and so on) went to Italy to paint the romantic landscapes and other interesting things.These painters - and especially the Dutch painters - went abroad because they could'nt pay the fee for the so called : "Gilde." The st. Lucas-gilde was expensive for painters, so only the very good and popular ones could pay these fees, the rest of the painters went abroad to avoid these fees. But some of them became popular and their paintings became very expensive only after their death.Many museums all over Europe have paintings from Mommers, and even in Russia are paintings in museums.
He painted many marketscenes and landscapes. I am a painting-restorer myself and I have restored a painting of Mommers a few years ago, a romantic scenery with a castle and mountains and many figures. And I must say: since I restored this painting I have a deep respect for his skills. I think he must have used pencils with one hair. He is so very precise. And how he played with the light !!
I hope you have enough information for now. Please don't hesitate when you have more questions about this great -and yet small- master.
Anonieme bezoeker
Re: Hendrick Mommers (1622-1692)
18 January 2007 08:56
He is not that rare but sometimes catalogued as "school of Aelbert Cuyp".

I have a painting by Mommers on panel (40 x 55 cms) of a shepherdess sitting under a tree by a wall (probably their cottage) doing some sewing with a man and her dog asleep and with her livestock of three sheep, three cows and a donkey standing drinking in a small river. The glorious early evening light, the sky and the composition with its strong diagonal riverbank are very reminiscent of Aelbert Cuyp, as is the painting of the cows.

I think that he is an underrated painter and he can still be bought quite cheaply. I payed about £1,500 pounds for this in a provincial saleroom about 15 years ago. The painting is frequently admired by visitors so it isn't just me who likes it!Guido J. Hengeveld schreef:

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